We're all about providing you with the right information so you know what to do. We will provide you with the information form beginning to end.

Step 1:

Inspect the property and fall in love with it

Step 2:

Submit completed application form

Step 3:

Wait for Approval by us then pay holding deposit and bond

Step 4:

Book an appointment to sign your tenancy agreement and collect keys

Step 5:

Your set, Home sweet home.


Property Management For Tenants


Beginning your lease

This is the most important part of the management process. We ensure that at this stage you have completed the following:

  • Lease signing and bond lodgement - All tenants must attend a scheduled meeting where will go through the Residential Tenancy Agreement (The "lease") and addendum, lodge the bond and hand over the keys.
  • Keys - The keys will be for your to access the property. You will receive the keys once you have paid the bond and 2 weeks rent in advance in FULL. You will receive the keys on the START date of your lease.
  • Connections - All utlity connections such as Electricity, GAS, telephone and broadband must be transferred into your name from the start date of your lease.

Moving in

Moving from one place to another is stressful so we provided you with a checklist to make life that bit easier:

  • Notify every one of your new address - Make sure you notify banks, Roads and Maritime Services, utility companies, and government authorities.
  • Your contact details changed
  • Insurance - Your belongings are your responsibility, so you will need to make arrangement to get contents insurance, the landlords insurance does not cover your contants.
  • Property condition report - The Property condition report forms part of your lease, it provides us and you information about the condition of the property before you moved in. The original property condition report will be used at the end of your tenancy to compare the condition of the property before and after your tenancy.

If the condition report is not returned to our office within 7 days of your commencement lease date, it is assumed that you agree to the information provided on it.

During your tenancy

As the tenant you have the right to enjoyement of the property with some limitations.All changes to the property of additions must be approved by the landlord.That's why we're here to help.

  • Hooks and pictures - If you want to hang things on the wall and need to install hooks or nails that will cause damage, you will need approval from the landlord, let us know and we'll ask.
  • Pets - Pets need to be approved by the landlord and also if it is an apartment then strata.Let us know and we'll ask.
  • New tenant or change of tenants - If a tenant moves in or out during your tenancy, They will need to be screened and approved. This shouldn't be a problem, just let us know why they are and well get it sorted.


    Note: As the lease is a legally binding contract, name changes cannot be made on the lease during the fixed term agreement unless in extreme circumstances.

  • Inspections and photos - During your tenancy inspections will be done,You will be given notice ahead of time.At these inspections photos of the property will be taken to show for the purpose of referencing the condition of the property during your tenancy.
  • Mail - If you receive mail that's not yours please drop it off at our office and we will forward on.It is illegal to open mail that is not yours.
  • General repairs - Any repairs that were not the caused by the tenant. General repairs include wear and tear or general upkeep of the property. All repair must be lodged in writing to us through our online repairs and maintenance form or email.

Let's get serious


Urgent repairs or emergency repairs


Emergency repairs to the residential premises for which the landlord agrees to make payment are repairs to;

  • A burst water services
  • A blocked or broken toilet
  • A serious roof leak
  • A Gas leak
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • Serious storm of fire damage
  • A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
  • A failure or breakdown of any essential service on the premises for hot water, cooking, heating or laundering


The landlord agrees to pay the tenant within 14 days of receiving written notice from the tenant any reasonable costs (not exceeding $1,000) for urgent repairs so long as:

  • The damage was not caused as a result of a breach of the lease agreement by the tenant
  • The tenant gives or makes a reasonable attempt to give the landlord notice of damage
  • The tenant gives the landlord a reasonable opportunity to make the repairs
  • The tenant tenant makes a reasonable attempt to contact the tradesperson named in the lease agreement
  • The repairs are carried our where appropriate by a licensed or properly qualified person
  • The tenant gives the landlord written details of the repairs, including the cost and the receipts for anything the tenant had paid for.



The rent is the most important asset to the landlord. Please note the following handy tips to keep on top of your rent:

  • Please transfer funds into our trust account. Please refer to your financial institution for more information about EFT payments.

Rent in advance - A minimum of 2 weeks rent in advance is required when you first begin your lease.You must then make sure you pay your rent on time according to the frequency you agreed to in your lease, i.e either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.It is important that we receive your rent payments on the DAY THEY ARE DUE, this may mean that you need to set up your bank transfers a day or two beforehand so that they reach our account in time.Failure to do so may cause you to fall into arrears which can be recorded on your tenant ledger.

Bond - This is required at the beginning of a lease and is equivalent to 4 weeks rent.Your bond is held by the NSW Government's Department of Fair Trading for the duration of your tenancy, Upon vacating, you will have an exit inspection, if nothing needs attention then you will be refunded this form the department of fair trading.


Zero Tolerance for late rent

Our office has a zero tolerance policy for late rental payments - our owners rely on these payments to be timely.If you default on your rent, we will take immediate action from day one of your rental arrears.

All rental arrears will be recorded on your tenancy ledger - you can ask to see a copy of this any time.

It is important to remember what whilst you pay rent weekly, fornightly or monthly it is in fact calculated daily.Please ensure your rent payments are received at our office on or before the due date. If you feel we have made any discrepends in receipting your rent you must provide us with the relevant bank statement or receipts before we can attempt to rectify it.