Vacating the Property

If you will be vacating the property, please fill in the vacating forms on the website.If you are vacating the property, please ensure that talk to us beforehand so we can assist you in finding another property.

If you are still within your lease period, then you are required under the Residential Tenancy Act to give a minimum of 14 days' notice in writing any day prior to your lease expiry. If your lease has expired, then you are required under the Residential Tenancy Act to give minimum of 21 days' notice in writing.The notice will take effect from the day we receive the notice.If you are breaking your you will be charged break fees as per the Residential Tenancy Agreement.


Outstanding rent

Any outstanding rent or water monies due must be paid in full prior to you vacating the property.Bonds cannot be used to cover any outstanding payments. If the lease is in more than one name and you want the bond refund to be sent to a nominated bank account then you must get a letter from the other tenants authority to this.

Cancellation of Utilities and Payments

Please close any direct debit or DEFT rental payments to us to prevent any further payments after you vacate. Advise your utilities providers when they should disconnect your supply. Please have your mail redirected.


You are required to leave the property in the same condition as recorded in the original condition report.Your Condition Report provided at the commencement of your tenancy is the reference point to determine the condition your property must be in when you leave.

Final Inspection

Once you have vacated the premises and returned all your keys to us we will arrange a vacating inspection.This may be done by the owner in conjunction with your Property Manager.It's not essential that you attend but we do invite you to come along if you wish.

Outstanding damages/monies owing

It's our priority to refund your bond quickly once final inspection has been completed and keys returned.If there are any issues identified at final inspection which are likely to slow down your bond refund, you will be advised after the vacating inspection and notified in writing about what needs to be rectified.


At the end of your tenancy you will need to return the keys we provide along with any extra copies cut and any new keys for locks that have been changed.Any alarm codes that have been changed must also be provided to us.